O5 Department Department Classification O5-Information
O5-E O5-Council [REDACTED]
O5-1 Resh-1 Combative
O5-2 Internal Security Department Intelligence
O5-3 Rapid Response Team Combative
O5-4 Mobile Task Force Combative
O5-6 Security Department Combative
O5-10 Department of External Affairs Civil

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Public Intelligence Affairs

General Information

Welcome to the SCP:F foundation!

Foundation by Administrator Remove on November 9th, 2020. Gone through multiple owners but now back in the original owner's possession. With dedication and teamwork, the foundation has once again grown from the ground up. We thank you for this opportunity.

The SCP Foundation is a secret organization tasked with the containment of entities that defy the laws of science. These entities may be harmful or helpful. Most cases it's harmful, which is why there are 13 departments within the foundation. Each department has a different task and holds a different purpose to the foundation. Each member of each department is specially trained and prepared for the worst. Death row inmates are taken by the foundation and reclassified to "Class-Disposable''. Being the lab-rat for the foundation, members of the scientific department use Class-Disposable personnel to "test" them on the entities, or SCPs in this case, in attempts to better understand the entities, how they work, and how to contain them.

Departmental Information

Mobile Task Force

The Mobile Task Force (MTF) consists of multiple sub-departments referred to as "Task Forces". Each Task Force specializes in something different. Anywhere from guarding the O5-Councilors, to recontaining breach entities, to keeping the foundation secure from hostile forces or Class-Disposable personnel. Each task force is seen as elite, and is expected to perform as such.

The Security Department

The Security Department (SD) is a group of highly trained combatants tasked with ensuring rioting Class-Disposable personnel are unable to escape and prevent harm to the foundation. Security personnel also take the task of anti-raid. Protecting the site from outside hostile organizations.

The Scientific Department

The Scientific Department (ScD) are scientists simply tasked with testing Class-Disposable personnel on the SCPs contained within the foundation. With the intent to gain more information and understanding on the entities and how to contain them.

Department of External Affairs

The Department of External Affairs (DEA) is tasked with creating and managing alliances with other SCP:Fs and groups of intreast.

Rapid Response Team




Internal Security Department